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We need your help bringing Uncle Andy's Jerky to market.  Contributions will let us print packaging, produce product and get you the best jerky around! Support the troops and send jerky as a thanks! Every little bit helps!

What’s so great about Uncle Andy’s?

Uncle Andy’s Jerky gives adventurous snackers a healthy, all-natural source of protein. With unexpected flavors and just the right texture, it’s original, portable, and uniquely delicious.  We are looking for your help raising funds to take Uncle Andy's Jerky to the next level with retail ready packaging.  Please look at the campaign as a presale as you get jerky for your support!! 

Why I devoted my life to dried meat.

For years, I searched for my calling and, as callings tend to, it turned up where I least expected it. Wanting to get back into shape for rock climbing, I joined a local Crossfit gym. Crossfit led to the Paleo diet. And the combination brought me back from years of injuries. Finally I was feeling my best, and the only thing missing from my climbing adventures was the perfect snack. 

Define "the perfect snack."

Okay. It should give you energy, travel well, and have enough flavor to keep you coming back. But most important? Natural ingredients. Uncle Andy's Jerky starts with the best meat and flavorings we can find. And it comes to you with no added nitrates and no MSG.

How it’s made.

Two words: small batch. When I started out, I made the jerky myself, with a meat slicer I bought on credit at a hardware store. After I’d figured out the basic process, I learned everything I could about perfecting the recipe, and branched out into exciting, unique flavors. Today, my specialty spice blender in Colorado ships all-natural seasonings to Ohio where my jerky craftsman marinates, tumbles and dries the meat.


What people are saying!

"Oh my goodness! Lemon Mint, Spicy Coffee, Texas BBQ, and Maple Bourbon. The beef jerky is really good! Really good! Moist, flavorful, not cheap meat!"

Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Foods on Travel Channel

I just got down to Aquarius habitat for Mission 31, and was given some of your jerky to try. It's delicious!!! This is my first jerky ever, and so good! My favorite is coffee, but maple bourbon is a close second.

Liz Magee, Mission 31 Aquanaut


Thank you for sending us the beef jerky… Really good stuff…and I’m not usually a huge jerky fan…my favorite was the BBQ.

Al Dukes, Executive Producer- Boomer & Carton


Uncle Andys Jerky is good at night, in the morning, during a night of drinking, snacking or sitting between burns. When you find your flavor you"ll know. It just clicks.

David, Rock Climber


I loved the maple bourbon but surprisingly the coffee even more because it wasnt so much a STRONG coffee flavor. Nothing negative to say, just that I wanted more!

Michelle Crossfit & Personal sylist


Tasty product! Never had flavors like those. Very cool!

Luke  Packaging Designer


Just got home from an incredible climbing road trip and came upon Uncle Andy's Jerky at my doorstep. Andrew Hanenberg is a great friend and this jerky is literally the best I have ever had. Incredible meat and the flavors are unique and delicious. A terrific company to support.

David,  Rock Climber, Surfer

Meet the flavors.

To my taste, the jerky flavors on the market were either bland and generic or totally overpowering. Working with a team of creative chefs and a food scientist, I was able to create balanced flavors that still thrill the palette. Each is distinctive, so it only seemed right to give each its own persona.  Enlisting the help of comic book illustrator, I got to work bringing the Uncle Andy’s flavors into focus. 



Tex's Texas BBQ

The only thing Tex loves more than riding off into the sunset on his trusty steed, Buttercup, is sitting around a campfire chowing down on some jerky. His first draw ain't his six shooter. It's this winner smoked over Hickory and topped with that vinegary Texas BBQ goodness. 

Southern Gent Lemon Mint 

Out on the veranda, pontificating the larger issues in life in his rocking chair, Ole' Clarence enjoys nothing quite so much as a refreshing breeze... Well, that and this delightful jerky, zesty with natural lemon, a zing of salt and the tingle of cool mint.

Bandito Loco's Spicy Coffee

This notorious outlaw gets fired up for his next great heist by snacking on this jerky with savory coffee flavor laced with just a touch of chili pepper. Good thing Bandito Loco steals only from the rich to give to the poor! Viva la revolución!

Lumberjack Maple Bourbon 

After a long day felling the biggest timber around, Mac chops his appetite down to size buy munching on this hearty jerky. Glazed with sweet maple bourbon and smoked over applewood, he savors the flavor of this offering from the Northwoods.

What we need: testing, packaging and staff.

We have the best ingredients, craftspeople and flavors. Now we need your help. Production is around the corner, and our dream is to get the highest-quality product into your favorite gym, gourmet food store or specialty liquor store. Everywhere you'd want it. The funds we raise will complete evaluation of our nutritional facts and test claims about our product so you can be sure "all natural" means just that. Plus, we will finalize our packaging, and buy the materials to ship Uncle Andy's in the fastest, freshest way possible. Finally, we've got an amazing crew of cooks, artists, writers and cowpoke focus groups who are a little bit tired of being paid in beef.


Here is a break down of where the money goes!

$10,000 for bags.   There is a 10,000 bag minumum and it will cost $2,500 for rollers and printing of each flavor. 

$3,500 for ordering the spices at minimum order size.  

$650 for Nutritional panels and labeling. 

$14,000 for package, branding, and design work.  Luckily I have amazing people working with me that will work with me on a payment schedule.  This is the flexible number

Grand total of $28,150 before we even make jerky. 

Then we need money to make jerky, send you your rewards and send the troops some tasty snacks.  

How a snack can give back.

The vision of Uncle Andy’s Jerky starts with a snack, but goes beyond what a simple snack company can do. We’re committed to giving back, and right now we’ve teamed up with Operation Gratitude to add Uncle Andy’s Jerky to some of the 100,000+ care packages the organization sends every year to service members overseas, veterans, first responders, wounded warriors and caregivers. 5% of funds raised here will go toward donating jerky to these active duty and veteran communities. Read more about Operation Gratitude here. 

What you get: amazing taste and all-natural realness (plus perks).



Get in now, and get a two-year discount…

People who try Uncle Andy’s Jerky tend to become loyal customers. So we’re helping with those jerky cravings. Right now, if you contribute $60 or more, in addtion to jerky and swag you’ll receive a 20% discount on all purchases from Uncle Andy’s online store for two years. Happy snacking! And thank you for helping us reach our goal faster than a speeding bull.

International Donors

Shipping is worked into all donations for US addresses.  While we are excited about sharing Uncle Andy's Jerky with the world.  International donors will be subject to additional shipping and customs requirements.  It is meat so we arent sure how each country handles customs. 

How else can you help?

Whether you donate or not, we'd love you to spread the word about all-natural craft jerky.
- Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about your campaign.
- Remind them to use the Indiegogo share tools!
And that’s all there is to it.

 For More info on Uncle Andy's Jerky visit our website  http://www.UncleAndysJerky.com

What happens to the money if you dont reach your goal?

Contributions are not charged to your card until the campaign is successful.  The charge is just authorized for now.  If we dont hit our goal the campaign does not get funding so we need all the help we can to make sure we get there.


Why dont you go on Shark Tank or get investors?

In order for us to have the opportunity to go on Shark Tank we would need 2+ years of sales to prove the value of the company.  That being said we dont feel the time is right for investors.  Our goal is to make the best product we can and dont want compromise the quality of our product using cheaper ingredients ingredients to increase profits for investors.  Also it is to early and we feel we would have to give up to much  for to little. Uncle Andy's Jerky started as a snack for us and now we want to share it with you!! You the consumer should drive the growth of the company and not investors money. 


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